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My Books : Wait on the Lord & Beyond The Limits
on 2010/6/28 10:22:14 (562 reads)
My Books

Wait On The Lord
Have you been stuck in a world of containment? Are you tired of trying to find answers to life’s questions? Do you want to discover the presence of God and enjoy an intimate relationship in Him? Have you come to the point where you know that it should be "wholeness" in your body, soul and spirit or nothing else?

Beyond The Limits
Life may present overwhelming complexities but there is a higher realm of life you are designed to operate and live in.This higher realm is life beyond limits. In this realm, you see from the mountain top. When you face challenges of life, you keep moving forward with the confident assurance that you will make it no matter what comes your way. Unfold the pages of Beyond Limits and discover that plans will swap places, that His presence will pour into you and will bring transformation to your life, that you will know Him in a personal way, that your desires will be engulfed in the Word, and so much more....No matter how successful you have been in the past, no matter how much you have tried and failed, realize that the best of God is ahead!

"Beyond Limits is a classic that reveals your time has come for you to become that achiever you were created to be. This timeless piece teaches you how to make things happen for you."

-Voice Of The Church Magazine

My Books : Buy Online!
on 2010/6/28 10:12:05 (622 reads)

You can get my books from any of the sites listed below: